Life as an Extreme Sport

Here Motivation Motivation Motivation…

I spent a few hours at work today, head down in Perl code, and then took the afternoon off for a small “thank you” party thrown by my boss. Any time spent with my officemate is always enjoyable, and he took me there and dropped me off, so it was good. The other folk weren’t bad, either (actually saw some former coworkers, which was really nice). Good gumbo, too.

Problem being, I should be caught up on reading for tomorrow, have a concrete grasp of several works for tomorrow’s focus group, and just generally have done much more than I am. Instead, I’m kicking around Darnton and thinking quite a bit about his assertions on the opacity of culture and comparisson of historical folklore for similarities and dis, but I’m having a very difficult time bringing myself into focus.

…and hot damn. I have SVU on in the background, and Bobby Flay is on as guest star. This character is stalking famous men, and he’s one of them. Anyhow, the basic plotline is, she’s dosing men with roofies, electro-stimulating them to ejaculation, taking their sperm and then selling it to sperm banks.

I am really, really impressed he would lend himself (to the point of saying on camera how sick he was) to such a story.

See why I can’t focus on school?


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