A limited, mostly academic-focused, CV. If for some reason you’d desperately like my full work history, let me know. I’ll bore you to death with software companies, tutoring firms, and random acts of editing.

2006 B.A., Comparative History of Ideas and Medical History and Ethics
University of Washington, Seattle
granted with departmental honors, distinction, & cum laude
     Thesis: “Towards Affect-centered Ethics” (under Phillip Thurtle)

coursework towards:
     Ph.D., University at Albany, State University of New York, Philosophy
     M.S., Alden March Bioethics Institute, Albany Medical College, Bioethics
2006 – 2008 (both incomplete)
There are reasons I am interested in corruption and bioethics. Please feel free to read my bio, and read in-between the lines. I’m happy to answer questions over a drink.

academic publications
Evans, N.E., Hills, K., Levine, A. “How Should the WHO Guide Access and Benefit Sharing During Infectious Disease Outbreaks?” AMA J Ethics. 2020;22(1):E28-35. doi: 10.1001/amajethics.2020.28.

Hills, K. “Rejecting Quarantine: A Frozen in Time Reaction to Disease.” Ebola’s Message. Ed. Evans NG, Smith TC, Majumder M. Cambridge: MIT Press. October 2016.

Johnson, S., Hills, K., McGee, G.: On race and organ markets. Nature Medicine 13(4):401, April 2007.

“The CRISPR babies saga shows the need for action, not more delays.” AddGene. 20 December 2018.

The Rise and Fall of Power Poses Gave Me a Firsthand Look at Psychology’s Replication Crisis. Quartz. 17 October 2016.

Corruption in a Bioethics Free-for-All. Impact Ethics. 16 September 2014.

Yes, being pro-life does make you less of a lefty. The Guardian, Comment is free. 15 October 2012.

media appearances
Commentator, The Atlantic, 3 December 2018.
The CRISPR Baby Scandal Gets Worse by the Day.

Commentator, The Atlantic, 4 October 2018.
A Controversial Virus Study Reveals a Critical Flaw in How Science Is Done.

Commentator, Sciecnce for the People, 6 July 2018.
23 and You.

Commentator, Flash Forward, 5 June 2018.
We Are Family.

Interview, The Niche: Knoepfler Lab Stem Cell Blog, 20 August 2015.
Conversation with Kelly Hills: human genetic modification & bioethics.

Commentator, Pop Science, 6 August 2015.
Should Bioethicists Get Out of the Way of CRISPR Research?

Commentator, TechNewsWorld, 29 July 2007.
Genome Switch Creates Bacterial Transformers.

Commentator, WUSF Florida Matters, 15 June 2007.
Florida’s Robots.

Host, Virtually Speaking Science, 2014 – 2016

Contributor, Women’s Bioethics Blog, 2006 – 2009

Contributor, Medical Humanities Blog, 2006 – 2009

Contributor, the American Journal of Bioethics Editor’s Blog, 2007

columnist, The Daily at the University of Washington
The Road Continues, August 09, 2006
Death Made Pretty, July 19, 2006
The Right to Life, July 05, 2006
Biological Incubators, June 21, 2006
Medicine or miracle?, May 30, 2006
Expecting the Layman to be a Doctor, May 24, 2006
New DNA Collection Frightening, May 15, 2006
Dependency vs. Addiction, May 08, 2006
Toward Insuring Immigrants, May 01, 2006
Pharmacists’ Moral Acumen, April 24, 2006
Finding A Savior in a Sibling, April 17, 2006
She Wore a Slinky Red Dress, April 10, 2006
Green Pigs and Ham, April 03, 2006
Health Care ‘Miracle’, March 28, 2006

“Disability, Bioethics, and GATTACA – A Conversation with Kelly Hills and Joel Michael Reynolds” UML Philosophy & Film, 26 November 2018.

ComSciCon 2018 – On Ethics and Science Communication (panelist)

select employment
Freelance Writer Creature on-going
I’m available for any/all acts of intentional writing/editing.

I recently finished editing an academic political philosophy text, and have on-going relationships to revise the academic publications of several non-native English speaking academics for grammar and syntax, typically as a condition of their publication.

Copy Editor (freelance)
The Ringer, 2017 – 2018

Fact-checker (freelance)
Discover Magazine, 2015 – 2018

Review of Ophthalmology, 2011 – 2016

Senior Editorial Assistant
The American Journal of Bioethics, 2007 – 2008

Research Coordinator
Alden March Bioethics Institute, 2006 – 2008

conferences, organizing committee member
1st Annual University at Albany Philosophical Association Conference, “A Conference on Epistemology”, April 12, 2008. Albany, New York.
Ad Hoc Committee Chair, Paper Selection and General Hostess

19th Annual Bioethics Summer Retreat, July 11 – 15, 2007. Lake George, New York.
Conference organizer, cruise director and all around super woman.

NHGRI: DNA, Health, and Social Justice: A Community Forum on Genetics, UW Student Forum (as Kelly Saxman), May 2005
A private forum for Dr. Francis Collins and members of his staff to address student questions and concerns prior to an interactive roundtable discussion with faculty, students, and NHGRI guests.

conferences, paper presentation
“Beauty in the Nautilus: A Response to the Epistemological Merri-Go-Round” for the 1st Annual University at Albany Philosophical Association Conference, “A Conference on Epistemology”. Albany, New York; April 12, 2008.

“Towards Affect-centered Ethics” for the 2006 Undergraduate Research Symposium, University of Washington. Seattle, Washington; May 2006.

“Desire, Affect and Time: Constructing the Appeal of Reality Television” for the Southern California Conference on Undergraduate Research, University of California, Riverside. Riverside, California; November 2005.

“Trust Bound” for Becoming Strangers: Travel, Trust and Collaboration, the 2005 Summer Institute in the Arts and Humanities Symposium, University of Washington. Seattle, Washington; August 2005.

Panel Participant, Careers in Genomics (as Kelly Saxman), for NHGRI: DNA, Health and Social Justice: A Community Forum on Genetics, University of Washington. Seattle, Washington; May 2005.

awards, grants and fellowships
Alden March Bioethics Institute Pfizer Fellow in Bioethics, 2007

University of Washington Dean’s Scholar, 2004-2006

Mary Gates Research Fellow, 2005-2006

Phi Beta Kappa, inducted fall 2005

Mary Gates Summer Institute in the Arts and Humanities Grant, 2005

Mary Gates Travel Award, November 2005

teaching experience and assistantships
CHID 270A: The Material Culture of Communication
Spring 2006, assisting Professor Phillip Thurtle and Giorgia Aiello

CHID 496G: “Stepping Through the Stargate: Applied Ethics with a Kwoosh”
Winter 2006, course designed and taught independently

CHID 390: Interpretations of Texts and Cultures
Autumn 2005, assisting Professor John Toews

HUM 102 (lecture and lab): Eye + Mind: Art, Science and Perception
Winter 2005, assisting Professor Phillip Thurtle and Dr. Elizabeth Rutledge

CHID 390: Interpretations of Texts and Cultures
Autumn 2004, assisting Professor Phillip Thurtle


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