Three, two, one, contact, contact is the secret, it’s the moment when everything happens, contact is the answer, it’s the reason why everything happens, let’s make contact, three, two one, contact…


Just me?

Okay then.

Ahem. Sorry for the exceedingly United States-centric bit there, folks – that’s from a TV show that was on here when I was a kid. Right now, the fastest way to contact me is via Twitter: @rocza. If you need to get ahold of me via eMail for an ethics consult, do a little digging and you should be able to find the business I do that through. Or, you know. Tweet and ask. Trust me, it is the fastest way.

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  1. Hi, I am trying to 1.subscribe to your blog, and 2. follow you on Twitter, neither of which I appear to be able to manage. Sorry. The Twitter button doesn’t link to you, and i can’t find where I subscribe to your blog. Perhaps you could guide me… I loved your article on Abortion, thank you.

    Lily @lilydunnwriter

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