Life as an Extreme Sport

Blue Monday

I parted ways with a fellow PF and a friend, waited about 2 minutes, and the bus showed up. In that intervening time, the post-teaching blues crashed down hard. I tried to alleviate them with my “Happy” iPod mix, to absolutely no success, so I’ve switched over to the “A Thousand Tears” mix and am wallowing in sad music and blue mood.

It’s not even that things went badly – I knew what area of the text they were going to pick up and on, and I prepared adequately for it, I had my whiteboard time, talking and lecturing. They’re still loosening up with one another, which I’m sure is part of it (no one wanted to come out and say anything that could be viewed as negative about Christianity, for example), and… I don’t know.

I’ve decided that I need to cover Extreme Reading 101 on Thursday, which means I need to find my notes on said subject (instead of pulling it out of my ass). I also need to get a course packet together, since we’ve decided we’re assigning additional reading for the focus group (voluntary reading, but I think most of them will). Of course, this isn’t counting the reading something upwards of 300 pages for John, grading papers, planning a full hour lesson plan with Matt for Thursday (since we’re keeping the groups together), reading a packet of material for tomorrow’s thesis, the sports medicine readings and oh yeah, that work thing.

I just wish I didn’t so often end up feeling like I could have done so much better.