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Your Own Personal (milk chocolate) Jesus

Apparently transubstantiation shouldn’t involve chocolate. But I admit, the first thought I had was “huh – do you eat a chocolate Jesus starting from the feet, or the head? Outstretched hands? What’s the equivalence of the bunny ears? And is he hollow?” Then I wondered at the calorie count. And unfortunately, my brain then decided to say, “hey waitaminute, doesn’t that look a lot like the little mummified baby from the Mütter?”

The fact that the gallery swears the timing of the exhibit of anatomically correct, sans loincloth, chocolate Jesus is not supposed to coincide with Easter strikes me as the disingenuous bit. Why not admit it’s a commentary on Easter and the pagan celebrations mixed with the Christian (or even specifically Catholic, since this is a crucifix)?

Any which way, it seems like a sort of silly thing to get up in arms about. It’s not like it’s a Serrano, Hirst or Ofili.

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