Life as an Extreme Sport

crunchy lambs, stigmata style

I’ve had this weirdly crunchy, industrial triphop version of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” stuck in my head all day, made all the weirder by the fact that I’m pretty sure it only exists in my head, and is the result of a weird confluence of American Idol, Gwen Stefani, and searching madly for a stuffed lamb this morning. (An hour, people! It took me an hour to find a stuffed lamb. At Easter!)

On top of that, life has been poorly balanced on my part of late. I’m hoping my next hop across the country (tomorrow) will perhaps allow me to achieve a bit of what I’ve lot, namely getting back towards meditating on a daily basis. While I hope, I’m not hopeful – if that makes any sense.

For a large part of this afternoon, I was overcome with the urge to put the iPod on, turn up the volume and roll down the windows, and just drive. The heavy promotions for Fox’s new Nathan Fillion vehicle, “Drive”, hasn’t really helped much, and occasionally breaking through the Mary Had a Little Lamb (Stigmata Remix) is snippets of the Kaiser Chief’s Modern Way, overlaid by TV Voiceover Man encouraging me to drive, just drive.

There’s no point in sitting
Going crazy on my own
It’s the only way of getting out of here
It’s the only way of getting out of here
This is the modern way
Of faking it everyday
And taking it as we come
And we’re not the only ones
Is that what we used to say
This is the modern way
I know where I’m going
And that we are in the knowing
And I will stop at nothing
Just to get what I want
It’s the only way of getting out of here