Life as an Extreme Sport

Wednesday Will Be the Death of Me

I fell back asleep pretty much immediately after my last update, lending a bit of credence to the whole “tired from being sick” concept. Solidifying that was the fact that, this being the first day of the semester, I set my alarm relatively early so I could work a few hours before disappearing into academia for the long majority of the day. The whole schedules thing I was mentioning last night.

Well, I woke up around 12:15 to Lunar licking my face, the next door dog barking, and Toledo passed out across my feet, pinning my legs down. 12:15 was not the time I had set my alarm for; in fact, it was a good almost-five hours later than I had set my alarm for, and I was puzzled. Where the hell was my alarm and why did it not off?

The answer to that is that it would appear I have a wicked underhand when I’m asleep. Rather disturbingly, I don’t remember this at all; however, the several broken pieces of alarm clock at the foot of the wall across from me is a good indication of how displeased the idea of waking up apparently left me, this morning.

I made it out the door in time to grab lunch and perhaps even my books before class, but of course was on campus and halfway to the bookstore before realizing I had left my wallet in my other jacket. So not only did I not have money for my books, I had no way to get lunch, or even anything to drink. Add to that getting home only half an hour ago (a little after 10pm), and it’s no wonder I have a headache and feel like I’ve been hit by a bus.

Wednesday’s are going to be long days – I’ll be gone a good 11-12 hours if I keep my current schedule. I’m not entirely sure I’m up to it, and need to decide before this week is out. At the moment, the idea is kind of terrifying, but I’m also tired, have a headache, am beyond hungry, and pretty sure my ick is getting worse again, and not better.

Speaking of the latter, I’m back to cough and phlegm and ear pain, oh my. Which means getting up early and trying to slip into the doc’s office either right before or right after class, to see why I was getting better and am now not. But first, the advil needs to kick in so the pounding drum and bass band behind my left eye will shut up enough to let me work for a few hours before I head off to sleep.