Life as an Extreme Sport

oh my


  1. No, the haggis thing is later today. Invitation we received last night. Think I’m going to skip, tho – altho I need to retrieve my car (sigh, it’s cold outside, too – of course), I’ve been working and need to continue doing so.

  2. I figured when I didn’t hear from you that there was no Haggis – just as well, seeing as I slept until 1pm, and it was close to 4pm before I went to get MY car and then run errands.

    Glad you had fun! Chris said he felt bad – he wanted to chat/include you in the conversation more at Justin’s, but Robyn and Michael (?? I think?) were barely letting HIM get a word in edgewise, let alone anyone else …

  3. Tell Chris it’s okay – it was way too hot in there, and between that and generally overexerting myself the prior two days, I went from “energy!” to “if I hurry, I’ll actually get in bed before I fall asleep.” (And even with successfully grabbing the world’s most expensive cab home, it was still close.)

    …and I’m re-reading Foucault, so I’ll have to sit down with Chris soon anyhow, just to bounce ideas. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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