Life as an Extreme Sport

To Control Chaos is to Produce Order

I was told to do one thing last week, to work on my thesis: excavate my damned desk. And so I finally did it, and damnit. Phillip was right. Since getting my desk set back up (desk, candle, purple lucite Buddha, paper, pens, light, wine, etc) and actually sitting at it every morning and evening, I’m getting things done. The things I’m getting done are largely still organizational, but I’m making progress. Chaos is slowly tipping towards control, and I’m getting things picked up, put away, and packed.

And there’s that whole writing thing, too – the clean up is transcending to the virtual, as well, and I’ve been tidying my computer, writing more on the blog, and even got my Daily article written a day earlier than normal. The look on my editor’s face when I told her was pretty priceless, given I’ve been a total las minute slacker the last few weeks.

I hate it when Phillip is right, only because he enjoys gloating about it so much.