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Duke Rape Case – Life as an Extreme Sport
Life as an Extreme Sport

Duke Rape Case

Last night, The Daily Show ran a tongue in cheek look at racism in America. Sadly, it might not have been the best timing, what with the Duke rape case still in the national news.

There are other sites, including the one I linked to, which have much better and more detailed information about what happened. But in a nutshell, a black stripper claims she was beaten and raped – and has the bruising that backs the claim up – by three lacrosse players in their team house, during one of the apparently several times a week keggers held at that house. Fingernails consistent with being broken were recovered from the house, as well as her keys, purse, and cell phone – later reports have suggested these were not found laying around, but neatly put away.

The team has moved out of the house, the remainder of their games cancelled, one player suspended, the coach resigned, and 46 of the 47 players (everyone but the black player) were required to provide DNA tests.

….sorry. My train of thought broke, and I wrote a completely unexpected article for The Daily. I have no idea how I feel about having that run. It’s good, but it’s not anonymous.