Life as an Extreme Sport

there is always space between the lines

I doom and gloom well. I’m aware of that; my goth disposition, I suppose. But I also try to do things that scare me, like taking deep breaths and placing faith and trust in external sources, things, people. Which is around where I’m at right now – a lot of faith and trust in someone else’s hands, with fevered whisperings of prayers, wishes, whatever, that it will be okay. That the right choice can be scary, but that fear is often just overcoming the conditioned self-preservation that other people ground into us in the first place.

Fear is illogical, fear is the mindkiller… fear is the thing we should use against the person who’s caused it, not people after, who were never involved. Don’t punish the innocent for other’s mistakes.

Good theory, anyhow.

I hate waiting. I hate pins and needles. There is good anticipation; this is not it.