Life as an Extreme Sport

there are things you expect when flying…

…such as weather delays, mechanical issues, etc. And as an unfortunately seasoned traveler, at this point I have pretty standard expectations for flights. But even I have to admit that having:
* tornadoes you can look down on from the air above
* really rocky turbulence (see above)
* Air Force One parked outside your concourse
* President Bush walking around your concourse

is a bit unusual. Needless to say, I had travel delays of amusing proportions. But am back in sloshy gray Albany, restocked on food, and discovered that this time around the cats showed their displeasure by shredding my sheets. They’re very lucky that I didn’t have the dragonfly flannels on, and that they’re extremely cute. (I suspect they should also be grateful Target has a flannel sheet set I want on sale, otherwise they’d really be toast.)