Life as an Extreme Sport

fun in misreading

I’m reading the QI archives over at the Telegraph, and in reading about humans and three’s, read the following:

Fish have three pairs of lumps, called otoliths, in their heads that help them to balance. The largest of these can be used to work out how old the fish is: it contains rings, like the trunk of a tree. Scientists have three hearts: two are used to provide blood for the gills and the third is for the rest of the body.

And let me just tell you, it makes ever much more sense if you read what was intended, “squid” instead of what I saw, “scientists”.

And on the subject of QI, if you’ve never seen the show – or, even if you have – you should really click this link and watch the video. For those who’re apprehensive, I point out that it’s 10 minutes of Stephen Fry and guests, doing running improv comedy on a variety of intelligent subjects. If that’s not enough, I offer you this snippet, about the moonwalking Mannequin bird: