Life as an Extreme Sport

That Nervous Break

So, I’m reading an introductory book on feminist ethics, which is doing a lot of quoting of some “noted” feminist scholars, like Catherine MacKinnon. It’s something I can read about 30 pages of at a time before needing a “break”. Anyhow, I’m reading when I hear, on the TV in the background,…

Why is it herpes? Why isn’t it himpes?

…and my first thought is “Yeah, because that’s oppressive language that’s androcentric, assuming a normative position of maleness, and a stigmatic relationship with the Other of femin…” followed very quickly by “Oh my god, it finally happened. The stress got to me, I’ve snapped,…I’m hearing voices, and projecting what I’m reading!”

About a second later, I realized that the voice was John Leguizamo, and that Comedy Central was advertising a new special. Oh. Better.

I think.