Life as an Extreme Sport

…And then there are the daysweeks I’m a misanthrope

I don’t love humanity! At the best of times, I am merely indifferent to it!

And right now is not one of my best times. I’ve been in a very bad mood since late Sunday/early Monday morning, and the days since have done nothing to improve things. I’m seriously thinking that selective isolation until this passes would be best, except that whole school thing, plans with people thing, needing people’s help to get around in my life thing. You know. The basics. That expose me to people. Including people whom I’d like to, oh, castrate. Maybe decapitate, even.

It’s one of those things where the logic has disconnected from the feeling, and I know it, and knowing it doesn’t matter at all, because hey, disconnect. I am in a rock and a hard place with not one but two people, and in both cases at the moment all I feel I can do is scream at the wall. I’m kind of afraid of what might happen tomorrow, if I’m not in a better mood.

I just need to remember the breathe, I suppose. Breathe, and scream when I’m alone.