Life as an Extreme Sport

Retooled Slightly

Thanks to Jen’s awesome and mighty-fast coding skills, I’ve finally got the problem of the endless and messy categories on this website taken care of. The biggest thing this means, at the moment, is that I can migrate over writings from other pages, and keep this website as my central, working website for everything. This is a good thing.

So, in the next few days, as I procrastinate from my graduate school applications, I’ll be adding in more categories and posts to go with them. I am not entirely certain how the migration will work, but I suspect I will just manually add things and manipulate time-stamps to be accurate to original postings, and not site-specific posting.

The big thing will be returning, with the return of SciFi Fridays, to commentary on Stargate episodes. I think I’ll add BSG in, as well. Anything to get me writing,… (for, as they say in write-your-thesis-land, writing daily will help you actually write your damned thesis).