Life as an Extreme Sport


If you look to the “categories” on the right hand side of the page, you’ll see some changes. Academics have been merged into one large category header, appropriately titled “Academics”. Within the lovely pop-down menu Jen built for me, you’ll find the further subsections of quarters and classes. This significantly cleans up navigation, and looks a lot cleaner than the mess that existed before.

Of course, aesthetics wasn’t my only motivation. I didn’t want to migrate over blog postings from a second, small and mostly not-talked-about journal I had been keeping, until I had a way of more simply managing categories. With this simpler way, you’ll find some additional categories, which have some back-posts in them. “Life and living” is just that – in some ways it overlaps with “…and everything else”, but I envision “…and everything else” to be more related to non-categorizable academia, while “life and living” is that outside school. On the other blog, it was largely that dealing with the divorce and such things. “Wisdom and folly” are quotes by other people, whereas “Stargate” are my thoughts on weekly Stargate episodes. (Expect a BSG category soon.) The final new category is “a-musing”, which will collect my fictional writings, on the occasions I feel like sharing.

Anyhow, that’s the new organization thang. There are something like 50-odd “new” old posts populating these categories, so if you find yourself bored some day, check ’em out.