Life as an Extreme Sport


The UBookstore offers dividends every year; any money not needed to the care and maintenance of store is returned to the customer, provided the customer give them back saved receipts from the past year. The refund is set yearly by the board; last year it was 10%. I got my check today, walked downstairs, and promptly spent it (this is my deal with myself – if I am organized enough to save receipts, I get to invest all that money in books, again). For a whopping $10 (because who can ever spend just the on target amount), I was able to buy:

The Primacy of Perception – Maurice Merleau-Ponty
Phenomenology of Perception – Maurice Merleau-Ponty
The Nick of Time – Elizabeth Grosz
Ethics – Spinoza
Time and Narrative – Paul Ricoeur
Genesis – Michel Serres

The Serres book was by far the best buy – it’s a hardback, first edition of the book that was marked down to $10. Turns out it was used; someone had lightly made pencil marks in the margins of the first three pages. One eraser later, and I have a pristine, perfect copy of a very expensive book (the better for me to make my own scribblings in).