Life as an Extreme Sport

Fried Day

I spent too many nights out this week, and not enough in front of my books. But I had fun the first two nights, and an absolutely lovely time last. There’s something really cool about meeting new people and being able to sink your teeth into meaningful conversations that cross boundaries and expose vulnerability. It creates a closeness that makes for a much more satisfying experience. And, in the case of the two people I was with, I think it’ll greatly enhance our “professional” relationship, as well.

But it left me fried for today – two nights of only three hours of sleep does not an alert Kelly make.

I had a very odd experience today; well, several actually, but this one stands out in a sea of oddness. I ran into a former instructor earlier this week, and he asked if I’d write a few words over the class I took with him. I loved the class, I still refer to what I learned in my own work, so I said yes. By the time I was done, I had written my first letter of recommendation. For an instructor…about to receive his PhD from Stanford…a Fellow in The Jackson School.

Keep in mind, I’m a lowly undergrad two point five quarters from her BA. It was strange.

On top of that, there was the writing of an abstract (which I’ll post later, after I make the few edits suggested by his esteemable bossness), pulling off a surprise birthday dinner for one of my closest friends, and receiving a very nice thank you letter from a classmate.

The good and weird continues. But it was a good day.