Life as an Extreme Sport

place the the “peace” sign pointing horizontally at your throat

I’ve got several large projects on my plate – larger than usual, anyhow, and on top of the normal chaos that has been my life these last couple of months. Since they all revolve around the written word, this is quite naturally the point at which I get slammed with severe writer’s block, so bad I actually feel like I’m spiraling into a black depression. While intellectually I realize it’s not that bad, the timing really does suck, and I rather dislike feeling so impotent, when words are normally one of my strongest assets.

So I’m working on the one project that doesn’t require me to be eloquent, or verbose, and in the project came across a post that still makes me grin, just because it’s the most delicious example of movie-style foreshadowing that never exists in real life, except it does. (I realize I have a lot of new readers since the last time I mentioned this, so I’ll just note that last year, I taught a symposium-style class on applied ethics and Stargate, and that would indeed be my comment edited in. Although it now makes no sense, since the image being used to illustrate the post is gone, but hey, that’s life on the internet.)

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  1. Oh, right – the title of this post refers to the instructions on how to sign the word “stuck”. Be careful, though, as it’s also the sign for pregnant.

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