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IoM tells VA: Your PTSD Benefits System Sucks

In the 2007 continuing series “dogpile on the VA”, the Institute of Medicine has released a report criticizing the VA for how it handles PTSD. You mean the military doesn’t treat traumatic stress disorders the same as other injuries? Shocking.

In addition to few standards on how PTSD is diagnosed, ranging from shorter than half hour interviews to hours, if not days, of scrutiny, veterans with PTSD are currently required to be completely unable to work in order to claim any disability. This is a far cry from the disability rating/point system, where you are assigned a score based on what ails you. A quadraplegic who works is still entitled to 100% disability (around $1000 a month right now), and as was recently revealed, even contracting or aggravating an STD is enough to get you listed as anywhere from 10-30% disabled ($100-$300 a month). And the last time I checked, an STD like genital warts did not prevent you from working.

So let’s review: post-traumatic stress from serving your country in a war zone – maybe considered a disability if it completely incapacitates you to the point of never working again. Maybe. Picking up an STD while on personal leave during basic training? Good for at least $100 a month.