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I just had a horrible realization.

I’m talking “Luke realizes Vader is his father and screams” horrible realization.

You see, as a kid, I always baffled my family – and my pediatrician. I didn’t really blanch at taking NyQuil, although I’d pitch a fit at Robitussin. No one could figure it out,… until now.

As an adult who had done adult things and was thus rewarding herself for being an adult (trust me, this is a big deal), I decided to make a rootbeer cocktail for lunch. Mmm alcoholic rootbeer and nachos! What could go wrong?

Well, skipping over the whole carbonated water proving it was carbonated by exploding all over me, both cats, and the kitchen, what went wrong was this: I realized that rootbeer? True, genuine, close-to-original recipe rootbeer?

Tastes like NyQuil.

Now! Hear me out! This was more than sipping my rootbeer alcohol and fizzy water while looking at the NyQuil bottle and realizing they tasted indistinguishable! Oh no! I also immediately, upon realization, opened up the two original-y sarsparillas I had in my fridge, as well as a cane sugar rootbeer.

They all taste, vaguely, and to various degrees, like NyQuil.


(Apologies to those who see this twice, but it was too funny to not post publicly.)

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  1. Rootbeer gets it’s flavor from ginger, wintergreen and sarsaparilla (smilax regelii). I bet it’s the wintergreen that gives it the same flavor profile and I think they taste alike too. So does that mean that great tongues taste alike?

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