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I Still Bleed Six Colors. RIP Steve Jobs

There are moments when you reflect back on your life, and recognize those moments that changed everything after. For me, one of those moments was working at Apple in the late 1990s. It was my first “real” job, and it taught me a lot – both professionally and personally. That job gave me the skills that would propel me through a decade in the software industry, allow me to work while pursuing my undergraduate degree, and still serves me every day.

More than skills, though, working at Apple taught me about creativity and passion and channeling it all productively. It taught me that it’s not only okay to chase dreams, but it’s necessary – it’s the only thing that changes the world.

When I got home from work today, I changed into my yoga pants and my purple thermal shirt, which is warm and comfortable and several sizes too big. I bought it from the Infinite Loop Apple store on clearance, way back when I worked there, and it’s my go-to. And I completely forgot I had it on, until I went to wipe away the tears that surprised me as I read the news that Steve Jobs had passed away, and saw that ubiquitous Apple logo on my sleeve.

Apple was 90 days away from going bankrupt back then. Was much worse than I thought when I went back. I actually asked people, ‘Why are you still here?’. And the answer was, ‘Because I bleed in 6 colors.’
-Steve Jobs, on his return to Apple

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. And thank you, so much, for changing more than the world. Thank you for changing my life.


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