Life as an Extreme Sport

HONEST! We Were Just Playing!

And not in *that* way.

Ryan came over to talk to me, and started playing with my Galileo’s Thermometer (I’m just going to assume you all know what these are). He wanted to see if he could drive the temperature up by holding it – and then he hit on the brilliant idea of running off to the server room and using the air conditioner to drive the temperature down. So, we cheerfully ran off to play.

A few minutes later, we hear a pounding on the door. For some reason we both just looked at it rather quizically, kind of like “could that be for this room?” (You’ve to understand that the room is a *server* room – it’s noisier than any other place around here. Pack tons of servers into a small space and you get the idea.) The pounding gets louder, so Ryan yells “Knock knock?” More pounding. So, I lean over and open the door.

Two devs are standing there, looking from me to Ryan, turning bright red. They look at Ryan and start asking their question, avoiding me completely. I keep glancing at Ryan (he’s holding the thermometer, after all), and suddenly realize “OH GOD!” just about the same time Ryan must have… he leaned over, showed me the thermometer, then handed it to me. The two devs looked back at each other, back to Ryan and I, and exhaled, “Oooh. Neat, a Galileo’s Thermometer – did it work?”

Sigh. How’s that for kickstarting the rumour mill?