Life as an Extreme Sport

Grand Island, Nebraska

Drive tally: 618 miles
Total: 1524 miles

Too tired, tonight, to write much – we did make it almost through Nebraska today (only about 200 miles left), though, and are officially in Central Time. Not much to say, but I did get the photos uploaded. Dad swears it’s getting boring soon, but he’s said that for most of the trip, and Mom and I have stayed enthralled by the dramatic and gorgeous landscape.

I used Audible for the first time this evening, buying about $20 worth of audio to listen to tomorrow (all Greg Proops – w00t!); actually $30, when you count the year long membership fee, but they gave me credit for one free, so it all works out in my advantage, as what I bought was worth about $35. I’ll probably sign up for the free NYTimes subscription, too, and have a go at listening to the newspaper while doing dishes or somesuch. A way to maximize my time, while getting things I need to do, well, done.

I passed through Laramie, Wyoming today. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I admit I’m at least a little surprised there was no mention whatsoever of their entire ordeal. No tourism things for sale (no books, videos, awareness items), nothing. It was just like any other place we’ve passed through, and Mom and Dad had to ask why it was important for me to be awake as we passed through.

Also, Charles? The Escape Pod recommendation was AWESOME, thank you! I utterly love it, and am in the process of downloading more; I grabbed 8 stories this morning, and was entranced. I especially loved “I Look Forward to Remembering You”; I cried, in fact. I very much plan on dropping them a thank you note for the hours of entertainment, but figured you deserved the thanking first. I quite owe you for helping preserve what little sanity there was left. ๐Ÿ˜‰

If anyone else has recommendations of what to download, I have two more days of driving, if not three. I find audio books and comedy routines keep me engaged and awake. Just drop me a line. Also, Megan should email me with her address, as I have something for her.

We try for Pennsylvania tomorrow. We won’t make it, but we’re trying.

We are also officially halfway there. This feels weird. The dramatic changes you can do in 40 hours time…