Life as an Extreme Sport

drive across america – day one

We made it 400 miles today. Not bad, given we ended up leaving 90 minutes later than we wanted, thanks to UHaul sucking. My right ankle is cramped; I drove the entire way. Took quite a few pictures, which you can see by clicking the above photo; photos include commentary. I’ll photo-diary the entire journey; it keeps me sane. I was seriously so bored at one point today that I was playing Questions Only… with myself.

So, Dad got us walkie talkies to communicate between cars, instead of having to dial our phones and use up minutes. Sensible decision, since we’re largely staying within close distance. Anyhow, at one point in the trip, we passed the turnoff for the Snake Rivers and Snake Rivers Dam. I grabbed my walkie talkie and shouted “snakes on a motherfucking dam!”

…my parents think I’m very strange.