Life as an Extreme Sport

days of pessimism and gloom

I’m having one of those days where, although I woke up calm and collected, everything has broken into fragile shards around me as the day has gone on, and I know, I know that I’ll be in ragged pieces soon. I have so much to do, and no one who can help me with it. I had been planning on asking for a significant amount of help today, only to find out that the people I needed to ask the help of have opted to not be here.


So I have to duct tape myself together, and make magic happen even though the only thing I feel is going to happen is me finally snapping apart at seams that shouldn’t be stressed, at this point. It’s so far beyond the Scotty principle that I don’t even know what to call it…

…although a friend wonders if people focus so often on my being a super-woman, of making magic and miracles, that they forget I’m human, I’m a novice, and I need both help, and support.

There is always a reason that magicians are adrift from the rest of their party – perhaps this is it.