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I have solved the riddle of the grue – Life as an Extreme Sport
Life as an Extreme Sport

I have solved the riddle of the grue

I walked home late this evening, through what we casually refer to as “rape central” at work, and jokingly mentioned to Michael that I would be back online soon, provided I was not eaten by a grue. We proceeded to have the following conversation when I got home, and I maintain that I am right. On all accounts.

Kelly: I was not eaten by a grue.
I think the misanthropy scared all possible grues away. Perhaps the misanthropy made ME the grue?

Kelly: Hmm. Maybe the grue really just just a misanthropic, cranky person who wants nothing more than to be left alone, but no, no, those damned adventurers keep coming and disturbing it while it’s trying to do things, or sleep, so finally it just snaps and EATS them. Because at least that way, it’s getting food. And probably b33r, since what adventurer is without some sort of groggy liquid?

Michael: I think you need to get out more

Kelly: That’s just because you think there should be less people in the world, so you’re hoping I actually prove that the grue is just a cranky misanthrope.

Michael: Gotta admit, it’s a good plan