Life as an Extreme Sport



  1. Well, because who’s not in love with the Sony Centre? And on that note… does fucking Neuromancer have to come up everywhere? Tim Lenior quotes Gibson in both articles on virtual surgery… All these freekish acadeems. It’s just one big orgasmic footnote.

  2. …you say to the person who did an entire project around the internet and Neuromancer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I think it’s because Tim, Phillip, Rob, et all are of the right age, that Gibson made such a huge impact when Neuromancer came out; it was the one that made the impression that fed the “thoughtful” thoughts.

    Although, really, Tim has no excuse, because there are much better cyberpunk novels out there to use when discussing virtual surgery!

  3. I saw that yesterday as well!! It made me happy too! And I can’t believe it took me until a few weeks ago to read Neuromancer!!

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