Life as an Extreme Sport

comedy of the absurd

Oh, as an interesting aside – in addition to my losing power, my wallet, my computer’s hard drive fatally crashing, and my mother’s diagnosis:

* my sister’s flight was cancelled today, due to fog
* about 15 minutes after they got my mother home from the hospital on Thursday, the power went out, and has stayed out. Thankfully, in addition to the portable oxygen and regular unit, they also gave her a 24 hour emergency unit – one that, as the tech showed Dad how to operate it, the tech said he had never seen or had to use in all his years doing the job.

Emotions run strong, I guess – as Dad and I commiserated, earlier this evening, about how awful a week has been, we opted to recount the horrors…and it turned into comedy, as we were laughing, hard and with much irony and wryness, by the time we got to the power outage.

Here’s hoping this might be the last of the absurd, at least for a little while.