Life as an Extreme Sport

Brace Yourself, Alaska!

$335. April 13 – 17. Alaska, here I come!

I can’t believe I actually bought the ticket – and I can’t believe how bad I was, thinking “well, for only $165 more…” Eeesh. I can be singularly focused! But still, I bought the ticket. I remember when it would be too expensive for me to visit Jenna with any frequency, and this was back when I was making more money than now, and had a second income supplementing mine. What happened???

Wheee! I am *so* excited to see Jenna, to see her house, to see her parents and everyone else. It’s going to be fun. I’m not going to want to leave without folding Jenna into my luggage and bringing her back with me – thankfully for her, I understand that she has arthritis, and wouldn’t attempt to do that. But I’m still going to *want* to.

Oh! Excited!