Life as an Extreme Sport

A Doctor In The House

I apologize for the length of time it’s taken me to get anything new posted; I’d like to say I’ve been frantically busy with work, pacing and worrying and just terribly consumed. The truth is always much more boring. To be honest, I’ve had a lot of time to write, and I have been – as you shall see shortly. But I’ve had a problem with SimpleText and BBEdit, the prgrams I use to write with on my Mac. They seem to be appending excess characters in my HTML, which has been annoying me to no send. So, I wait until I’m at work to do anything, and then I’m too preoccupied.

We’ve actually all been chased away from work today; “it’s Friday” is the excuse. So, I’m sitting in the corner of our meeting room, on the floor, leaning against the walls. It’s very comfortable; I have Poe playing and a large glass of juice. What I wasn’t expecting was to be the amusement of the afternoon – a vice president walked by, stopped, looked at me, ducked back around the corner and yelled “Hey, Lindsey!” (Lindsey is the CEO.) She came over, and he pointed at me, saying “I just wanted to show you how very crowded we are in this building! People are working everywhere!” She burst out laughing and said she wished she had a digital camera; apparently it is a cute picture. For all I know, she’s going to find one. The VP then asked me if he could get me anything, a glass of wine, perhaps? Overall, quite funny. People have been wandering thru since then, and all have the same reaction. Oh well. I can deal with being amusing, it helps my reputation. Testers are _supposed_ to be quirky and weird, eh?

I like this company. I don’t know if I’ve had a chance to share that with many of you. It’s young, fresh and energetic. We all have a purpose and a goal. There is a sense of community, of meaning. Beyond that, everyone is just *fun*. I’ve been invited out several times (and had to turn most down). Tonight I was invited to Girls Night, but already had plans. Next time, tho, next time. Ashley was the one who did the inviting; she’s wonderful. I took some screen shots of the product for her earlier this week, and all she could do was tell me how wonderful it was that I was helping her. She even CC’d our respective bosses the thank you note she eMailed me, and pulled Joy (my boss) aside to tell me how great I was. A big change from Microsoft! I like!

Sometime soon, I’m going to head home and bathe the ferrets. This should be a painful adventure. While they frolick in the bath, I’ll thoroughly clean their cage – I’m suspecting they are the cause of some of my respiratory distress. Beyond that, things have been great. Just… incredible. Things are clicking together in my life once again, everything is moving smoothly. This scares me; whenever things go well, you know something bad is going to happen. You just know. Right? Right? And I can think of some bad things I don’t want happening; I have been, and shall continue to, refuse to think about or focus on these issues. Enjoy it while I can, eh?

Alright. That’s it. They’re shooting nerf weapons at me. Must… get… revenge!