Life as an Extreme Sport


She answers the phone, knowing it is me. And she listens, even tho it causes her pain. She supports me, encourages me, grounds me to reality when I need it, and elevates me to the clouds when I am too serious. When I thought I couldn’t make it, couldn’t go on, when I just wanted to crawl to a corner and die of pain and grief, she refused to let me. Wehn I thought there must be something wrong with me, she assured me I was sane. She has seen me thru abuse and separation, helped me heal from the damage inflicted. She has seen me fall in love, she stood by my side as I married, and she held me when that marriage fell apart. She refused to let me stop, she stayed with me while I mourned. She loved me when I felt unloved, and unlovable.

And then she held my hand as I took a few scared steps. And she told me I could fly, and when I didn’t listen she pushed me off the cliff… and I flew. And she has stayed with me as things have turned around, as I have flown and soared – a home of my own, new friends, new job, new love. She has stayed and listend and consoled and advised, laughed and supported and cried and raged and loved – all while going thru her own personal nightmares.

I know my happiness hurts her, and she still answers the phone.

I love her.