Life as an Extreme Sport

battlecat ho?

So, basically, upper respiratory led into an inflamed/infected trachea, and being me, it progressed to the most severe stage rather rapidly, stridor (which, if you ask me, sounds like a He-Man villain). However, I do want points for getting medical treatment before it got really bad – I am making progress, albeit slow progress.

I had another two nebulizer doses while at the office, in an effort to decrease the swelling in my trachea, and have two new drugs, symbicort in the massive dosage (because, as my doc put it, she couldn’t practically mainline a corticosteroid into me, so this was the next best option), and doxycycline, which is a tetracycline I haven’t been on before. Has all the typical ‘cycline warnings: don’t consume with calcium (of course, since pudding is the only thing I can swallow), stay out of sunlight (convenient it’s the middle of winter and busy snowing), etc etc etc. Fun trivia about doxy: it’s a first line defense against anthrax and bubonic plague, amongst other things.

Oh, and I’m supposedly confined to bed and not allowed to do anything remotely resembling effort, work, etc. As if that’s likely… If I’m still coughing and miserable tomorrow, it’s back from another neb treatment or two.

Ah, life.