Life as an Extreme Sport


I found myself in a gesture of familiarity yesterday that amused me, for its reference, and for its casualness – reaching across the office to nudge my officemate with my bare foot, as opposed to using a hand or my voice to get his attention. The reason? He needed to up the volume on Firefly. (Another one succubs and becomes one of us!)

Watching him watch Firefly has been immensely entertaining. We have a routine of watching some show or other together during the week, while working; we’d been going through CSI and CSI: Miami, so Firefly was a fun diversion. He was initially a touch apprehensive, but last night messaged me to tell me how much the theme had grown on him. By this afternoon, even the old west had grown – and that was only by Safe. Can’t wait to hear what he thought of disc three.

It’s fun to watch the show with someone else, and be able to laugh and talk and just share a sense of camaraderie. It’s also nice to drop into a comfort level where nudging with my foot seems a natural thing to do.