Life as an Extreme Sport


Well, I’m largely done with the Summer Institute. As usual, I didn’t write here as much as I wanted to. Seemed my voice always got stuck in my throat (or would that be my fingers?). Regardless,…

Anyhow, I’ll get the stuff from the SI up soon (my project, that is). I also need to finish the MHE class, as well as CHID 390. But til school starts again, I’m going to give this a rest, unless something brilliant crosses my mind, or eyes.

See ya Sept 30th, whence once again I shall try to comment daily on the life of a student.


  1. No, there was no speeding up of the film on Rachel’s, and/or Jason’s fight scenes from “Condemned”. Thanx for the great compliments though.

  2. Ah, well, bummer. I’ve got you blorolled (and on bloglines)
    Catch ya when you’re back and writing again!

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