Life as an Extreme Sport

You Have No Power Over Me

Can somebody tell me now am I alone with this �
this little pill in my hand and with this secret kiss
am I alone in this�

It’s been an interesting 36-odd hours. I’ve had a lot of interesting conversations with people, and thankfully, all but one in a face to face medium. I’ve come to the conclusion that although I tend to do a lot of my correspondance via email, I prefer a medium where I can hear the tone of voice of the person I’m talking to, be it phone or face. I actually think face is best for me, simply because I can also integrate body language into my evaluation of what’s going on – with email, I spend a very long time agonizing over what word to say or phrase to use, to convey the right “tone”, and I feel like I often fail. So for a quick jaunt or touching base, email works fine for me, but anything more than that and I tie myself into knots. Several sentences should not take me half an hour to compose!

A matter of complication
when you become a twist
for their latest drink

You would think that, knowing this, I would be alright acknowledging it and simply moving any more seriously toned conversation to a medium I’m more comfortable with. Hah. Instead, I question my resolve and the wisdom of requesting a change in ‘venue’. I’d say I wonder where I get this core of self-doubt and lack of faith in myself, except I know the answer to the question, and I really hate to ask questions I already know the answer to. So instead I’m left wondering just how it is I move beyond that self-doubt in a way that’s healthy for me and anyone who comes in contact with me. It’s a question I don’t have an answer to, which at the same time makes it a good question and a frustrating problem.

Can somebody tell me now a way out of this �
that sacred pipe of red stone could blow me out of this kiss
am I alone in this�