Life as an Extreme Sport

Wordless Reflection on Opportunity

To say I was lucky would be an understatement. To this day, I still can’t believe the series of events and how they happened at the same time I found the writing discipline and initiative that I’d so studiously avoided for three years. I have little advice for people wishing to break in to the business. No one else broke in the way I did, indeed, every writer I know has a unique tale to tell of how they got their break. The only lesson I draw from my experience is that I think everyone gets their break in this industry, but the question is whether you’re ready, willing and able to take advantage of that break when it happens. I was, and so I made it, but I’ve known many others who have had their break, only to watch it pass them by for one reason or another. It’s the kind of business that will discourage you if you can be discouraged, and you need to know that about yourself right from the beginning.
-Ron Moore