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Why Cecile Richards and Planned Parenthood are Right

Quickly, because I’m on lunch, and because I should be throwing myself up against the painful wall of HTML and a CMS, my thoughts on the Susan G. Komen reversal and Keith Olbermann’s question on whether or not Planned Parenthood should decline the funds: no.

Here’s the thing: everyone was arguing that Komen needed to rise above politics and the abortion debate, because the grant money they were giving to Planned Parenthood was specifically earmarked for cancer issues: mammograms, early screening, biopsy, education, etc. Planned Parenthood offers these services to many woman (and men!) who would not be reached any other way, because they are in underserved communities or because they simply don’t have access to any other health care.

Now it’s time for the reverse: yes, Komen leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Yes, I will not support them in their pinkwashing or other fundraising – I’d rather give my money directly to Planned Parenthood or other organizations. But I am not Planned Parenthood, and refusing those funds would make them no better than Komen, playing politics with people’s health.

Planned Parenthood is doing the right thing by rising above petty politics in order to serve at-risk and at-need women and men.