Life as an Extreme Sport

wait, I thought it was Tuesday?

Yep. It’s been a day, complete with random power outages and a really pissed off cat. (Can’t wait to see what he pees on now that the house is picked up – I expect something truly creative from the little furbeast.)

I had a test due today in epistemology, and I knew from the getgo I was basically going to get to school, say hello to some folks, turn in my test, and maybe sit in class 20 minutes before heading home to collect Lunar and then head out to the vet. He’s had a raw patch on his left ankle that we’ve been fighting to keep clean an uninfected for months now, and a combination of it getting worse once again and my general lack of patience for the merry-go-round we’ve been on led me to scheduling the appointment. Problem is, with the particular academic schedule I have this semester, and when my vet likes to do this kind of mild sedation procedure, I was going to have to miss one of my classes. I picked this one before knowing the test would be due, largely because I had missed a day in my other class to head off to NUBC.

Right. All logical.

Until I wake in an utter blink panic – my alarm hadn’t gone off! My alarm was flashing something like 06:18 over and over (until, of course, it turned to 06:19 – the flashing stayed persistent, though), and it was late. Like, hurry and my ass’d end up at the vet on time late.

Thing is, between my house guests and NUBC this past week, plus a few other things, the insomnia has been strong – and the lack of alarm clock apparently assured my body it was time to just sleep until caught up. Fuck.

Collect cat. Go to vet. Wait, wait, then wait longer as an emergency visit is rushed through, wait some more. Finally have cat returned, only to wait in a bit of traffic to get home. Get home, watch cat come further out of being stoned and get madder, write professor regarding the tragicomedy of my life,…

Sounds like a Monday, doesn’t it?

Here, have a picture of a pissed and drugged cat:

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