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TV and Plastic Surgery

I woke up this morning with a sort of nagging feeling in the back of my neck, slightly towards my right. Over the last few hours, it’s blossomed into a weird sort of migraine, if you down-shifted the migraine from its usual place to living in the area behind my right ear, down through my shoulder blade, and then radiating shooting pain into my arm.

Ah, CRPS – always interesting.

So I don’t have a traditional migraine, but I might as well, for how useful I feel right now. Granted, not having the light sensitivity is nice, but I might take that over the tactile-sensitivity. The fan blowing across my arm is enough to make me want to scream. (Yes, I should go tape on some lidoderm patches.)

Since writing, reading, laundry, or just about anything else isn’t going to happen until this goes away, I’m watching the Discovery Health channel, which has a show on plastic surgery on. I’ve caught this show before, and always had about the same reaction – on the one hand, I’m glad they balance the vanity surgeries with the medically necessary surgeries, but on the other, I do wish that they would not glamourize it so much. By this, I mean the fact that they show the before and after, and of course before is without makeup and harshly lit, while after is fully made up, soft lighting, etc. But beyond that, they skim over the recovery period, maybe showing a quick still image or two of bandages and bruises. They also discuss “the necessity of this surgery” – such as “aging makes this surgery necessary”, as if there is a problem with the fact that a woman’s age can show in her thighs.

There are certainly appropriate times for plastic surgery – I don’t argue that. It does truly amazing things. I simply question this show, which tries to present itself as a balanced view of the how and why of plastic surgery, while it actually glosses over the thing people know least about, and perhaps fear the most – pain and recovery.