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treated like a grad student – Life as an Extreme Sport
Life as an Extreme Sport

treated like a grad student

I sat down with Phillip this afternoon to go over my reality television paper. We got into a rather loud, 30 minute argument over the paper and the directions I took, with it culminating in my admitting that I ended with the conclusion I did because I’d run out of time and couldn’t think of anything else. Thankfully, the rather loud argument was fun, energetic, and full of compliments – just what I’ve envisioned a feedback session on a paper should be like. He also flattered me by saying he was giving me the treatment he would any graduate student, and that he truly loves my writing style.

I still really like the paper, and am happy and excited to take a crack at serious rewriting. I’ve never done that before, and this seems like a good opportunity. We also went over my other abstracts; much to my delight, I appear to have a knack for writing them, and he liked both very much. I’m waiting for the final approval of the second, and then I shall submit. I also found several other conferences I would be very interested in presenting at, including:

6-7 December 2005

Centre for Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies
Monash University, Clayton Campus
Melbourne, Australia

I’d love to go to Oz! …this life, academia, is definitely for me. Can you imagine me doing anything else? Me neither.