Life as an Extreme Sport

Thunderstorms Today

It’s been humid for much of the day, culminating in thunderstorms – brilliant, fast downpours interspersed with humid, muggy sunshine, then shut down with lightning. Rinse and repeat; I suppose right now is a rinse period, as it’s downpouring and from the signs isn’t stopping soon.

I’m all over the map right now. I can be happy and excited one moment, and the next want to do nothing more than tuck in a corner, close my eyes, and wish my way home. A lot of this is a function of not having the best pain managment going – which should ease out in a few days of consistent medicine-taking. But it’s also the new kid in town thing – hard to meet people, and takes time. I really sort of have the advantage in this one, as I’m not the only new person in the department. I do appear to be the only one who moved here alone, though. Still – everyone has been very nice, chatty, and going out of their way to make me at home. I’m lucky to be here, and am not regretting it a moment.

Still, it’s hard not to have a day like this and be wistful for hills, Seattle’s Best, QFC, Jesus Christ Making Seattle Under Protest, markets and flowers and most of all, my friends.