Life as an Extreme Sport

the universe is not my friend

So I didn’t want to worry anyone (yes, I know, don’t throw things at me, the body is bruised enough), but I was in a minor car accident yesterday. Per the sort of standard (and yes, I realize it’s sad there’s a standard for me and car accidents), I was in the passenger seat, and someone hit us on the passenger side. It was very low impact, and the driver actually took most of the damage thanks to centrifugal force. Or maybe I’m just getting better at this?

Anyhow. My phone and computer and text books and stuff are still in the car; I’ll be retrieving them later today, hopefully before class. (I’m on Csikorgo, my iBook, right now – which I only remembered was an option about 10 minutes ago.) I’m a little bruised, but no signs of obvious bone or tendon damage. Hurting like hell, though – I ended up with both palms flat against the dashboard, and the CRPS is screaming today. So we watch me like a hawk, and hopefully this all calms down in the next day or two – otherwise we’ll pump me full of medications to calm the pain, kill any inflammation, etc. I’d rather not go that route.

Typing hurts, so I’m skipping out for now. But I’m fine, just sore and tired and out of it.


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