Life as an Extreme Sport

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There weren’t many pictures taken today, but these two might be of interest:

The only 16 sided building in the US. It’s the Nott Memorial (I think), and completely tiled on the inside. It sits in the center of the Union University campus.

Lunar freaked out when we were getting into the hotel on the 3rd, and did this lovely damage to me. It’s moderately infected and hurts like hell whenever I stretch. Sigh. Thank ananda for recent tetanus shots. And yes, I’m very tired – pack a UHaul, drive 2500 of a 3500 mile trip, unpack the UHaul, run around like a headless chicken to get necessary items, unpack, and start school a day later. Plus, you try sitting down for 3500 miles, sleeping on hotel mattresses, and see how your back feels. Sigh. (At least it’s starting to feel better now.)


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