Life as an Extreme Sport

the office is out on a morale retreat, please call back later

I like how Sandra sums this trip up: a morale retreat. And oh, has it been. Surprisingly, I don’t find that I miss Seattle – and this is truly a surprise. I miss aspects of it, sure, and I definitely and heartwrenchingly miss the people, but the city itself? Notsomuch.

But I realized today, over beer, that I have had more physical contact with people today than I have had since I left Seattle, in June 2006. Literally from the moment I met up with Lizzy for lunch, I have been hugging, touching, kissing, leaning against, on, or over people. Reaching out to brush hair out of someone’s face, running my fingers through a scruffy beard, rubbing a back, patting, hands resting together.

This is what I miss.