Life as an Extreme Sport

The Abyss

So, I have to write a four page paper, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font. In this paper, I have to include the question my research plans to address, from whence the question arises, scholarly debates around it, the previous literature on the question, my working hypothesis, sources and methodologies, the importance of the project, talk about the educational benefits to both the research and the project, how I am contributing to the field, how my mentor guides me and supports my research, a detailed description of how the project fits into the bigger picture (of life, I guess), write it for the intelligent generalist, talk about the implications of the work, allow my passion and “voice” to show, and address challenges to the work.

…I’m sorry. Please to be giving me a 250 word limit for an abstract. I’ll take that over this any day of the week.

…this is where we see if Karen’s writing methods pays off. I’m just going to tackle a question, answer it, and go on. First draft is a first draft, and I can ditch the entire thing if I need to. Just start writing. Just start writing, and don’t let the abyss eat you whole.

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