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Taro 2

I’ve taken to asking friends with tarot decks to do readings for me when they have their cards out. I find it’s an interesting way to see what other people are thinking, and to lay out my own thoughts. This was tonight’s reading:

C~J: OK. Strength, queen of cups, and the magician. Strength: kinda like the name says. It portrays a woman holding open a lion’s mouth. Courgage, energy, stedfastness, etc. Queen of cups [ed: different link, one C~J prefers the interpretation of]…cups are emotion, water, etc. Queens are the ones who make things real (if the kings are the ones who are a motivating force) sorta kinda. Not sure of the context.

K: *snort* it’s suggestive, isn’t it?

C~J: Magician…”as above, so below” creation, order, etc. Once again, my tarot deck shows it’s got a fucked up sense of humor. I’d take the queen of cups as suggestive of the person I’m reading for and read the other two in context. So it seems like there’s some sort of balance between creative, primal stuff and something requiring a bit more control and courage.
Also the court cards may be situations. So in a given situation where there’s some sort of manifestation of something in the emotional realm, you could interpret it that way. Come to think of it, I’d think the queen is more of a situation, not a person.

K: so… *muse* the cards are suggesting being strong in the face of change?

C~J: Yep. The other thing with the Magician is it’s representative of the idea of “as above, so below”. At least in the emotional realm of things. Not really change change. That’s a given. It’s more of a snapshot of what is, I think. If change were involved, you’d get something like the Chariot or the Wheel of Fortune (or the devil, tower, etc.) The cheesy interpretation of the queen of cups is develping a romance

K: *smirk*

C~J: Hence why my deck has a fucked up sense of humor