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Speechless (WGA Strike) – Life as an Extreme Sport
Life as an Extreme Sport

Speechless (WGA Strike)

In news of the world outside of myself, some updates on the WGA strike. I haven’t followed it for the last week, since a lot of strike activity slowed down for the Thanksgiving holiday, but supporting the writers is something I feel strongly about. I admire (and in some cases) adore the work they do, and as much as an actor breathes life into the character, it’s the writers who create that character to begin with, who give the words the actor voices. Not to mention, I watch the vast majority of my television online, and if I have to suffer through commercials, even if they are limited, then the writers should get a share of it.

Anyhow, soapboxing aside, a snippet on an interesting side effect, and another striking writer heads to YouTube.

From the WGA website,

“The Writers Guild of America, East and the Writers Guild of America, West regret that the Democratic National Committee has had to cancel the December 10th Presidential Debate hosted by CBS. This was triggered by CBS’ fear that the Democratic candidates would not cross a picket line by WGA-CBS News writers or WGA Film and TV writers to participate in the debate – a concern that could have been avoided entirely if CBS would simply sit down and negotiate a fair contract for its news and entertainment employees. Instead, CBS chose to make a decision that stifles the democratic process.”

And from United Hollywood,

Also at United Hollywood, what a flat of pencils looks like. And if you don’t know why a flat of pencils is significant, head over to this link and read about the Pencils2MediaMoguls campaign. For only $1 a box, it’s a great way to make a, er, point. Although I’m pretty sure they’re being sent unsharpened…