Life as an Extreme Sport

So Much To Say-

So much to say, yet no impetus to doing so. I’m going absolutely crazy living at home again, with no privacy unless I lock myself into the tiny room that’s full of my sister’s things – appropriate, given it’s her bedroom.

I’ve had literally no quiet alone time, save the once I managed to walk to the nearby Freddies on my own, after almost screaming to my mother than I need some time alone.

I have a lot to do, and quite a few things to write that are knocking around the skull.. but instead I’m going to go see The Lake House, and then perhaps The Devil Wears Prada. I’m not coming back home until I feel more centered than I am now.

So, since I’m so boring lately, I leave the three of you reading this with a link to a fansite that I’ve started contributing to: Colbert’s Heroes. Yep. Getting all fandom on myself. But it’s fun, I like the webmaster, and it’s the first non-Comedy Central funded web fansite. Of course, competition crops up daily, but you’re going to ignore them for us, right? Right. Nice, loyal friends…

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